Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fungus Amongus

lovely fungus on apple tree stump
Is if moss or lichen?
A wet summer and a wet fall are perfect for a luxurious growth of fungus and moss on trees and stones.

The stump of our old apple tree has an interesting fungus in two areas.  Pieces of this plate-like fungus will be great dried and varnished.  For now, I'll leave it on the stump and watch as it spreads. 

The moss or lichen on the Oakleaf Mountain Ash is a handsome addition to the tree.  It is almost all the way around the trunk now and on the lower limbs.  I wonder if the presence of the growth is a sign that the tree is in trouble?

The Oakleaf Mountain Ash has been a grand tree and has outlived it's predicted lifetime.  We've enjoyed the shape, the height, and the fall colour of the tree for many years and would hate to see it finished.  Wish the birds liked the berries, though.  The Mountain ash berries stick to the bottom of shoes and are tracked everywhere.

A wet summer and a wet fall bring treasures to our garden in the form of fungi, lichens and mosses.

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