Thursday, April 4, 2024

Pond Rocks


I definitely need some rock management.   I have many rocks from our old pond to find homes for. The pond was raised at the back to allow us to have waterfalls and lined from bottom to top with large rocks and boulders and surrounded by more boulders.  (Is there a difference?) That wondrous pond had to go when the great-grandchildren arrived next door.  We pulled as many rocks and the liner as we could near the pump to make a reservoir and turned the pond into a stream lined with rocks and with two waterfalls.  The children were safer and the birds loved it.

Last year we decided to demolish the stream when Michael was unable to tend to the intricacies of a pump and the ubiquitous leaks. We were left with many big rocks and some river rocks.  Many of the rocks are in that reservoir area and the wall section we made to raise the garden level high enough for a waterfall.  I advertised last year that I was giving away some rocks with pond experience and got rid of quite a few especially those rocks surrounding the stream and leftover wall from the old pond,  but there are still some hidden deep in the bed of the old pond.  Where to put them is a problem. Some of them will just have to stay there.  I’ll use a crowbar to punch holes into the old lining to allow some drainage and let that be it.