Thursday, August 30, 2012

Small Is What I Got

Small is what you get if you don't thin your crop.  We seeded too many and then didn't have the heart to toss the little guys out.
Tonight we're going to have 25 little carrots for dinner.

There's more to this veggie gardening than meets the eye. You either thin carrots as they grow or as you eat them! Is there a life lesson here?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Times Are Changing

Times are changing.  Gardening now includes eatables.  In my son-in-law's backyard, we built 7 boxes and are veggie gardening in raised beds.  Here's a picture of our Swiss chard.  Isn't it lovely?

Some thing we're learning:

1.  Veggies are meant to be harvested.  In my flower gardening days, I seldom picked.  I like the flowers where they are planted.  Not so with veggies.  
2.  How many tomatoes and zucchini can you really eat without getting tired of them?
3.  Thinning is important.
4. Spacing is an important skill.

Are we excited about our veggie garden?  You bet.  Will we do it next year?  You bet.  And next year we will be more experienced and better veggie gardeners.