Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tired of Waiting

My bunches of daffodils from the Cancer Society got tired of waiting for Spring.  Actually, I like daffodils this way and let them dry on purpose. When they are crispy dry, I take the stems off and put them into a glass container to keep them  Then I have Shades of Spring all year long.

Dried daffodils retain much of the original colour and shape but also have a beauty all their own.  Perhaps it's the brittleness or perhaps it's the recognition of the true essence of the flower.

Dried flowers give a permanence to the flower that it never had when it was fresh.  Freshness is fleeting.  Sort of like life, eh?  We aren't seventeen for ever, but with the passing of youth comes substance and a lasting quality.

So, I dry daffodils to enjoy their beauty longer and to remind me that all stages of life are lovely.


  1. When can you plant Dahlia's. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk last night at the Wasaga Beach Garden Club.