Sunday, October 27, 2013

Late Fall Nuances

Ballerina -- polyanthus rose
The end of October in the rain is beautiful.  For some reason, the last of the blooms in the garden seem the prettiest.  The Ballerina rose has bloomed all summer and is just showing its last blooms.  The Japanese anemone, on the other hand, is at its peak.  How pretty both plants are against a backdrop of drab  and drippy endings.

Japanese anemone -- a fall plant
The dwarf cattail at the side of the pond really stands out with its fall colour.  All summer it hangs about as a green pointy accent but come fall, it shouts, "I'm here!"  The rusty colour of the cattail shows so well against the dreary backdrop of late October. If the cattail was that colour all year, I wouldn't notice it.  Its only in the fall when it looks its best.

Fall is nostalgia time.  We look at our garden with the eyes of a lover saying goodbye.  Every little nuance is prettier than the last.  Fall is for photographers.

dwarf cattails in fall

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