Friday, October 12, 2012

The Last Roses

Don't you just love the last roses of summer? The colours are so vibrant, as if wanting to imprint the image in prep for the long, cold winter.

This rose is a polyantha called Ballerina. It blooms steadily from early summer until, well, now. No diseases, no naked lady syndrome, just blooms and blooms.

The rest of the garden is pretty well done except for a couple of geraniums which refuse to let a little cold bother them. I got the geraniums as Ego's last spring and have been delighted with them ever since. They don't grow oversized but bloom and bloom and bloom in the most wonderful red.

The Autumn Crocus and the Colchicum are lying in disarray now. They lasted two weeks and I felt so lucky. They are such a lovely surprise toward the end of September.

Did I tell you that I haven't gardened this year? I was so disinterested with gardening and my garden shows it. Ah well, there's always another year, isn't there. The rose and the colchicums have revived my interest.

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