Saturday, December 17, 2011

Copper and Brass -- Lovely Metals!

In December I polish metals -- copper and brass.  It's a messy business but I love every piece I have and that makes the chore a labour of love.

The samovar above is one of my favourite pieces.  At well over a hundred years, it still looks good.  It came to me in Moscow via one of the Russian drivers at the Canadian Embassy.  I have a feeling it has mix and match parts but everything seems to fit so there it is.  I've had it (and cleaned it) for 40 years.

Now, a week before Christmas, all the metals have been cleaned and polished, from the copper kettles in the kitchen to the podstakanniks on the hall stand.  A little bit of gleam for the holidays.  They will all look nicer after a few weeks when they begin to acquire a patina but the new shine is perfect for Christmas.

Is it worth the mess, the smell and the attack on my fingernails?  You bet!

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