Friday, July 29, 2011

Green and The Trees

Today it rained – and rained and rained.  What a relief!
The lawns are beginning to green up again – as if I cared about lawns.  But an interesting thing has happened across the street.  One lawn that is never cared for except for the occasional mowing is quite green, while the lawn of my neighbour who loves (loved?) his lush, thick, green lawn is almost totally browned. 
Is the difference the type of grass?  Is it the presence of “weeds.  Most likely it’s the effect of trees.  Across the road there is a birch tree on the lawn and a large ash on the boulevard.  My lawn-loving neighbour has no trees at all. 
So… a little lesson in global warming and the effect of trees.  Multiply the browned lawn with no trees a million times and you have an earth that can no longer protect itself against droughts and the sun.  Let’s leave the trees

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